Rriitka (Rick)

A well groomed goblin. Friendly earthen-toned clothing almost covers the finely worked leather he wears.


A few things about this fellow don’t immediately make sense.
He has the green-gray skin of the southern goblins, yet has a slight northern accent. He holds himself in a manner much more civil than both varieties are known to be (the greens being accepted as near-savages).

The observant may notice his eyes rarely rest on one place. When in mixed company, he’s frequently scanning the room and assessing people. . . but for what? Maybe he’s looking for a mark or victim, the filthy goblin! Or maybe he’s just worried he’ll be persecuted for what he is, as he has many times before.

(( Rick has a backstory of about 6 different parts. I haven’t posted it here, because I don’t think anyone else need know it without asking him. I’ll get a formal writeup done soon and get it to Dave. If you are from up north, I suppose Dave should pass a few details on to you. Rick has a little bit of a reputation in a certain Aviandaren city or two. He currently claims no clan or allies publicly, but there are still quite a few people from his backstory still alive and kicking. ))


Rriitka (Rick)

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