• Rriitka (Rick)

    Rriitka (Rick)

    A well groomed goblin. Friendly earthen-toned clothing almost covers the finely worked leather he wears.
  • Ryan Nucleá

    Ryan Nucleá

    A Half-Orc paladin who hails from the savage land to the South.
  • Tegan


    A Gnome mage from Grandile City, in search of adventure.
  • Valen Tanieth

    Valen Tanieth

    A cleric who hails from the port city of Saith.
  • Derring Cook

    Derring Cook

    The owner of the Wayfarer's Inn.
  • Elan Elan

    Elan Elan

    A bard who performs and works at The Wayfarer's Inn
  • Garnet Kaling

    Garnet Kaling

    A young and mysterious patron of the Wayfarer's Inn.
  • Grant and Carrus

    Grant and Carrus

    Two hired contractors.
  • Jasper


    An old navigator who knows his way well through the region.
  • Lenny Dartmouth

    Lenny Dartmouth

    A dull-witted man with his heads in the clouds.
  • Mary


    A seasoned cook.
  • Ragrum


    A young Goblin, who seems lost in the world.
  • Rem Thistlebush

    Rem Thistlebush

    Derring Cook's assistant and ledger-keeper.
  • Sladoc and Salaam

    Sladoc and Salaam

    Two mysterious lizard-folk travelers, searching for something.
  • Stan


    A friendly, traveling merchant.
  • Thaddeus Widdicker

    Thaddeus Widdicker

    An eccentric patron at the Wayfarer's Inn.
  • Thöm Rhüt'hollyn

    Thöm Rhüt'hollyn

    A kind natured man from the Aviendharran region.