• [√] Settle into the camp.
  • [√] Follow the Kobold trail.
  • [√] Find the horses.
  • [√] Destroy the Kobolds (optional).
  • [√] Escape with the horses.


After traveling for days, the party finds themselves only a span away from their destination, The Wayfarer’s Inn. As they settle down for camp, with the merchant convoy they had been traveling with, they finally are given an opportunity to better know one another. All hailing from the same order, The People’s Blades, they anticipate working alongside each other for the first time.

Trouble strikes in the night. Due to a moment of inattentiveness during their night watch, the adventurers find that their horses are missing. They awake the merchants and gather them together. The merchants and adventurers agree that they must hunt after the horse thieves. Without delay, the party begins their hunt.

The trail leads them into numerous Kobolds. They dispatch of the stragglers and follow along the path, now believing that the thieves are Kobolds. The party arrives at a small ruin, and after a brief investigation, they find a Kobold nest hidden underneath the ruins. Acting swiftly, the party ends the lives of the Kobolds, and in the process, find their missing horses.

Without delay, they turn to leave the ruins.

Enemies Defeated

  • Kobold x 18
  • Kobold Leader x 1

Combat XP: 2100 / 3 = 700 XP each


  • Experience: 200 XP each
  • Loot: Short Spear x 10, Short Sword, Potion of Jump, Cracked Magnifying Glass, 120 GP of gems, 150 GP
  • Reputation: 0


The Wayfarer's Inn papolatte