Impress the Bartender


  • [x] Beat Derring at arm wrestling (optional).
  • [√] Help put an end to the bar fight.
  • [√] Deliver the letter to Derring Cook.


The party arrives at The Wayfarer’s Inn, intent on meeting with Derring Cook. When approaching the bartender, Ryan Nucleá is challenged to an arm-wrestling match. If he wins, he will be brought to Derring Cook. After a bit of struggle, the bartender manages to slam Ryan’s hand onto the counter top, but his victory is short lived as a fight breaks out in the tavern. The heroes and bartender leap over the counter to put a stop to the rowdy and drunk crowd.

After managing to defeat the riled up drunks, the heroes are finally given a moment to rest. The bartender thanks them for their help, and reveals himself to be Derring Cook. He offers them a room and meal for the night, and heads off to fix his tavern.

Enemies Defeated

  • Drunk x 6

Combat XP: 450 / 3 = 150 XP each


Impress the Bartender

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