Aviendharran Honor


  • [√] Befriend the Aviendharran traveler.
  • [x] Defeat him in a hand to hand brawl.
  • [√] Obtain the Aviendharran Honor.


While looking for work their first day at The Wayfarer’s Inn, Ryan Nucleá manages to befriend an Aviendharran man, Thöm Rhüt’hollyn. After Rriitka (Rick) and Valen Tanieth manage to secure work, they all agree to watch Ryan and Thöm have a friendly brawl.

The fight begins, and remains rather close, with Ryan, against all odds, nearly taking Thöm down, but at the last moment, Thöm managed to redouble his efforts and defeat Ryan. After winning, Ryan is thanked for the fight, and is offered a token which indicates he is a low-ranking brother of The Aviendharran Honor.

Enemies Defeated

  • none

Combat XP: 0 / 3 = 0 XP each


  • Experience: 100 XP each
  • Loot: Aviendharran Honor Token (Ryan only)
  • Reputation: +1 (The Aviendharran Honor)

Aviendharran Honor

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