A Knife in the Dark


  • [√] Meet with Sladoc and Salaam, and discuss their problem.
  • [√] Lead them to the Ruins of Padan Fayne.
  • [√] Protect them as you traverse through the dungeon.
  • [√] Help them locate Padan Fayne’s dagger.
  • [√] Lead them back to The Wayfarer’s Inn.


Rriitka (Rick), Valen Tanieth, and Ryan Nucleá meet with Sladoc and Salaam. They find out the two Lizard-folk are searching for a special dagger located in the ruins of Padan Fayne’s Hideaway. The party goes to tend to other work, agreeing to help protect and escort the two Lizard-folk the following day.

When the next day comes, the party meets with the clients and the group of 5 leaves The Wayfarer’s Inn and heads off to the ruins. They arrive at a high cliff, and rappel down the side, when they reach the bottom, they split up in an attempt to find the entrance. Ryan comes across a pair of Wild Boars, who then attack him. The party runs to his aid and after saving Ryan from his injuries, Valen reports that he had found the entrance.

The party heads into depths of the ruins, exploring room by room, while Rick bypasses and disarms trap after trap. As the party enters a grand hall for the second time, they are ambushed by a group of Darkmantles. Ryan is once again gravely injured, but the party defeats the beasts, and retreat into an unexplored room.

Meanwhile, Tegan, a sorcerer from the Western coast, is lost in the woods until she comes across a group of large centipedes. One of the creatures begin following her. As she makes her away from the beast, and comes across a clearing, she notices a rope hanging over a cliff. Wasting little time, she stuns the creature, and begins climbing down the rope, hoping that some friendly humanoids are nearby. She follows some fairly obvious footsteps along a stream until she notices a cave entrance.

After finding herself in a large hall, and fending herself from a single, injured Darkmantle, Tegan approaches a door, and hears people inside. She finds herself face to face with the party, and joins them as they make their way further into the dungeon.

The party of 6 come across two puzzles which they manage to solve with minor difficulty, and enter further into a dungeon. They find the treasure trove they had been searching for, but before they can acquire their rewards, they are attacked by a group of Centipedes, including the mother beast. They defeat the giant beast and reap the rewards of the dungeon, giving Padan Fayne’s dagger to Sladoc and Salaam.

Enemies Defeated

  • Wild Boars x 2
  • Darkmantle x 5
  • Small Monstrous Centipede x 5
  • Huge Monstrous Centipede x 1


  • Experience: 500 XP each
  • Loot: 60 PP, 232 GP, 218 SP, 166 CP, Heavy Wooden Chest, Pink Potion, Fuzzy Potion, Orange Potion, White Potion, Pale Blue Shield, Blackened Ring (design), Orange Swirl Bead, Fancy Club, Reflective Scale Mail, Bland Gray Cloak, Padan Fayne’s Dagger
  • Reputation: 0

A Knife in the Dark

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