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  • Roamer's Highway

    A commonly used and heavily travelled highway that connects the port city, [[Saith]], and the mountain city, [[Merinth]]. Many travelers and merchants commonly use this road as a means of passing from city to city. The highway passes through the [[ …

  • The Wayfarer's Inn

    A tavern located along [[Roamer's Highway]] and within the [[Irons Wood]]. The tavern is a very popular and heavily used rest stop for many different travelers and merchants. It is here where the campaign begins.

  • Saith

    A large port city to the west of the [[Irons Wood]]. It is located at the mouth of the [[Ellean River]], facing the [[Pasifira Sea]]. The city has a diverse culture, and is the largest gathering of [[Elves]] on the mainland, though [[Humans]] are still …

  • Merinth

    A large trade city located in the [[Jagged Mountains]] to the east. The city itself is built into the stone walls that make up the mountain, and is popular for providing many guards along [[Roamer's Highway]]. It is the brother city of [[Saith]], and the …

  • Dwarven Home

    The kingdom of the [[Dwarves]] and the common name of the city. Every Dwarf from the mainland knows the location of the city, though it's whereabouts are unknown to almost all outsiders, aside from the few who have gained incredible favor among powerful …

  • Bastulle Keep

    One of the last bastions of civilization before reaching the [[Impassable Mountains]], though only vaguely considered civilized. This city is known for it's gruff exterior and interior, and many of the people who live within the tall walls, to avoid the …

  • Aviendharra

    A large city in the Aviendharran Desert. This is a strange city filled with many dark skinned [[Humans]], [[Orc]], and [[Lizard-folk]]. Not much else is known

  • Moonglade Isle

    A land to the West, which is the home of the [[Elves]]. Due to treacherous waters, not many travel to Moonglade Isle, though once every few years, Elven kind are known to make a pilgrimage home. For what reason, those who are not a part of their culture …

  • Dale

    A province far to the North-East. Located in the [[Frozen Wastes]], on the other side of the [[Jagged Mountains]].

  • Stonedeep

    A large city located in [[The Dark Mire]]. Many rumors exist of the horrors here.

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