The Wayfarer's Inn

Session 4: A New Addition

A stranger from far away.

The Players

Rriitka (Rick), a young Goblin rogue, searching out lands South of his home, the Aviendharran Desert.

Ryan NucleĆ”, a Half-Orc paladin from the Southern Barrens. He searches out others who might need his help.

Valen Tanieth, a cleric of the God of the Dwarves, Moradin, finds himself journeying away from his home in the port city of Saith.

Tegan, one of the Gnomes from the Grandile Bluffs, a sorceror who studied magic far in the West.


Lost in the Forest of Mists, Tegan, a young Gnome sorcerer from Grandile searches out for any sign of civilized life. After spotting a tree, she decides to climb her way up it, to search for… well… anything. She reaches the top of the tree, and off in the distance, spots what she believes is a clearance. Wasting no time, Tegan scrambles back down the tree, only to be greeted with a rustling bush. a group of 5 Small Monstrous Centipedes burst out from the cover, 4 of them crawling away from and ignoring Tegan. One of the Centipedes takes interest in Tegan though, and begins crawling towards her. Tegan, nervous, darts off into the forest, in the direction of the clearing she spotted.

Tegan bursts out of the forest and finds herself in a large clearing, at the ledge of a cliff overhanging a chasm in a valley. Nearby, a rope is tied to a tree and hanging over the edge of the cliff. The Centipede approaches Tegan and sinks it’s fangs into her leg. She stuns the creature with a spell, and then darts down the rope. Her glee at escaping the clutches of the Centipede disappear as it begins to climb the face of the cliff after her, but the creature quickly loses it’s grip and tumbles past her, smashing into the ground. When Tegan safely reaches the bottom of the rope, she spots footprints nearby. Wasting little time, she begins to follow the tracks and is eventually led to a cave opening.

Tegan enters the cave entrance and finds a set of steps in the back, leading down into Padan Fayne’s Hideaway. Tegan enters a large hallway and finds the bodies of Darkmantles strewn out along the floor. As she investigates a nearby room, an injured Darkmantle appears before her, and tries to latch onto her. Tegan defeats the beast with her magic, and approaches a closed door, the first closed door she had seen since entering the dungeon.


Valen leans over Ryan, tending to his wounds. Rick begins to work his way through a locked door, while Sladoc and Salaam quietly whisper to one another in a corner. As the party rests and recovers from their previous fight, a knock on the door they had recently passed through is heard. The voice of a young Gnome asks for help, and to be let in. After a bit of confusion, and some questionable comments on the races of the party, Tegan joins the group, with an understanding that there is more safety in numbers.

Rick leaves the party behind, venturing forward on his own, in order to scout out the area ahead. He disarms another trap, and comes across a strange room, filled with statues and plates on the floor. Rick retrieves the party, and they return to the strange room. Salaam reads a tablet found in the room out loud to the party, revealing that the room is some sort of puzzle.

The owl sits upon the tree,
Linked to the thief, and the sea.
The demon stands all alone,
ahead of star, and ahead of bone.
The coin is strong, touched to man,
Also, to sea, star, and hand.

The party begins discussing how to solve the puzzle, and headed by Rick and Ryan, they slowly but surely come across a solution, organizing the statues from one plate to another. A large stone door before them opens, and the party moves on to the next room. They spot a large brazier in the center of the room, unlit, with a metal box hanging over it, surrounded by a glass plating. Rick, and Ryan go to raise Ryan over the brazier, so that he might peek into the box, but just as Ryan holds Rick over the unlit brazier, Tegan rushes forward, sneezing out a spell of flame into the brazier, lighting up the room. As the flames lick up, and enter the metallic box, shadows of words in draconic appear along the walls. Salaam reads them outloud to the party.

The more you have of it, the less you see.
Call me out, when within me.

Another riddle, though this time, the answer more simple. Tegan exclaims that the answer is darkness, while Valen insists it is light. The party settles on darkness, and extinguish the brazier. Rick calls out, in draconic, the word “darkness”, and the path before them opens once more. Rick, once again, tells the party to remain behind while he takes the lead and explores ahead.

Rick clears out one room, and determines nothing of interest is within. Sladoc and Salaam decide to give the room a more thorough search. Rick moves onto the next room, explaining once again to his 3 companions, to stay behind and be quiet. As Rick enters the new room, and spots what appears to be numerous treasures, the rest of the party decide to not head his advice, and noisily follow after Rick. As Rick begins observing the treasures in the other room, and pocketing a dagger on a pedestal, he is distracted by the noise of his friends. That distractions lasts only a moment when he notices the ground starting to rumble.

Ricks friends rush into the room after Rick, and the whole party stares in horror as numerous Small Monstrous Centipedes burst through a hole in the ceiling, followed by an even larger Huge Monstrous Centipede. The creatures attack the party, and they fight for their lives.

The Huge Centipede tears easily into Valen, injuring him gravely. The dwarf falls back, and tries fending off the smaller creatures while maintaining his own life. Rick, Ryan, and Tegan focus on keeping the attention of the large creature.

The party soon managed to defeat the giant bugs, with minimal help from Sladoc and Salaam, and they begin searching through their treasures. Rick, still in possession of the dagger, passes it on to the 2 Lizard-folk, but with reservations. He then asks for his pay, but the Lizard-folk decline, claiming they will pay when they arrive safely back at The Wayfarer’s Inn. Rick, somewhat cautious and untrusting of the Lizard-folk, returns to his friends, watching them warily. As the loot is packed up, a strange laugh is heard from out in the hall. The party quickly gathers together in nervousness and caution, worried of what other beasts they may not have noticed in these depths. Carefully and cautiously, they make their way out of the hideaway.

Happy to finally see sunlight, the party steps out of the cave and begins heading back to the rope they had used to climb down the face of the cliff. Tegan runs ahead excitedly, claiming she killed a Centipede all by herself. When the party catches up to her, they find her jumping up and down on top of some gooey remains, beside their rope. Salaam, Sladoc, Ryan, and Valen all remove their armor as they begin to climb up the side of the cliff. With the party safely arriving at the top, they begin making their way back to The Wayfarer’s Inn.


  • Branson:
    Good game. You kept in character, you did your voice, great job. There weren’t any character defining moments this game, but you were solid. I was a little surprised that Rick wanted to be paid before they even left the dungeon though. Overall, a great job. Not much else to say. Feel good man, Rick is great. He and Ryan had some good interaction this game.
    2 reward gems
  • Sam:
    You did well this game. Valen is one of the two characters that has the best potential to become a party leader, and I’d really like to see him try to step up. I didn’t notice you doing much of a voice this game, and there was a point where Jess asked if you were in character or out. I listened to you dealing with Tegan’s shenanigans, and I like the dynamic you two developed. Good job.
    2 reward gems
  • Jess:
    You were really quiet this game. We talked about it though, and I won’t hold it against you too much, which is why you aren’t getting a 0. I understand your concerns. Because of that though, Ryan didn’t do or say much. Good job on figuring out the puzzles and trying to take the lead during the first puzzle. Ryan has a good chance of becoming the leader of the party, though I fear he is becoming more of a follower. Remember, paladins have strong convictions and powerful opinions. Feel free to try and develop an opinion and voice it more often!
    1 reward gem
  • Amanda:
    It was your first game, and those are always the hardest games to jump into and figure out your character. It was great that you so quickly got into Tegan and developed quirks and a personality. As it was mentioned in game though, your character came on very strong, and offensive to Rick. I place part of the blame on myself, for telling you Gnome’s have a predisposition to dislike Goblins. A few times you fell into the background, Rick and Valen somewhat taking over the point of interest. This was your first DnD game in a looong time. 1 reward gem is not a bad score, on my rating system, so be pleased with yourself. You did well.
    1 reward gem


Experience and Rewards

Quests Completed: 500XP

  • Monstrous Centipede (Huge) x 1
  • Monstrous Centipede (Small) x 4
  • Monstrous Centipede (Small) x 1 (Amanda only)
  • Dark Mantle x 1 (Amanda only)

Combat XP: 275 XP
Combat XP: 420 XP (Amanda only)

Total XP: 775 XP each
Total XP: 920 XP (Amanda only)


  • Expect a special update over the weekend. New post coming soon. Be prepared! Some changes are coming.


Everyone gets zero gems. FUCK Y’ALL!

I know, I know.

Session 4: A New Addition

Sorry, I meant to type that everyone loses their reward gems for being horrible this game.

Session 4: A New Addition

I liked the summary. I would like to point out that Rick was on Ryan’s shoulders atop the brazier when it was “accidentally” lit. Just so we can keep track of how often Amanda tries to kill us all.

Session 4: A New Addition


Does attempting to cause mass panic that may end up with you guys to acting irrationally and recklessly count? Because if so, that number will grow high, I’m sure. I have a feeling we have only begun to see Tegan’s quickness to act without thought!

Session 4: A New Addition

sorry for the reaaaallly late response, but hey, i’m not last. the map is really awesome and interesting, going to other continents would be cool. especially the one that is a mystery with the tall mountains. last game was fun, sorry i was so quiet, try not to hold it against me haha. the date change is fine, good luck on that cothulu movie, dave. sounds awesome! i look forward to next game. we’re gonna have to do some “Previosley in the last episode…”S because my memory’s a bit hazey. welcome, Amanda,, hope your character fleshes out well. see you guys friday.

Session 4: A New Addition

oh btw, the riddles were mindblowingly cool. not saying you have to make more, but it’s a good investment. i can’t believe we got the second one so quick. the summary seems really good, i only skimmed i havn’t completely read it yet but good job.

Session 4: A New Addition

Next game this Friday! Sorry for the delay.

Expect something new this game! I’m trying to introduce some new ideas and different aspects of DnD into each game, so that you guys can experience a little bit of all that makes DnD great. Also, that way we can get a better idea of what everyone really as fun with.

Jess likes puzzles and riddles.
Amanda likes cool and strange items that don’t need to serve a practical use.
Branson is hard to pinpoint, but likes everything relevant?
Sam likes odd NPCs and kicking ass in combat.

There is so much more to throw at you guys, I’m really excited. Also, please always speak up if you think a rule doesn’t make sense or work. I have so much to do and plan for, I can’t always expect certain actions everyone will take, so I don’t always come prepared for everything (i don’t have the experience Branson does), also I overlook stuff as well (like the climb DC last game).

Session 4: A New Addition

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