The Wayfarer's Inn

Session 3: Into the Depths

To new heights, and beyond!

The Players

Rriitka (Rick) is a young Goblin rogue, searching out lands South of his home, the Aviendharran Desert.

Ryan NucleĆ”, a Half-Orc paladin from the Southern Barrens. He searches out others who might need his help.

Valen Tanieth, a cleric of the God of the Dwarves, Moradin, finds himself journeying away from his home in the port city of Saith.


After a bit of shopping around Roamer’s Highway, Rick, Ryan, and Valen return to The Wayfarer’s Inn. They pass the remainder of the evening resting and reflecting on the previous few days of adventuring. After a few hours, the smell of supper rises into their room, and the party decides that it is time to enjoy their supper, and perhaps ready themselves to meet with Thaddeus Widdicker.

Our heroes make their way into the lobby of the inn, and instead of finding Thaddeus, they spot Sladoc and Salaam, the two Lizard-folk that had mentioned potential work earlier in the day. After grabbing their food, the adventurers join Salaam and Sladoc at their table. Salaam, friendly and open, greets the party excitedly, whereas Sladoc quietly observes them, saying nothing. Salaam seems to be especially in awe of Valen, though the party doesn’t seem to understand why.

Salaam explains to the party that he may need help searching out Padan Fayne’s Hideaway, a dungeon in the North, hidden in the Forest of Mists. The party cautiously asks Salaam many questions, and though he appears to not be telling the whole truth, they agree to hep out anyways. Satisfied with the negotiations, Salaam and Sladoc leave the party sitting at the table, to go prepare for the next morning.

As the party begins to discuss their plans and their concerns about the upcoming work, a young Goblin by the name of Ragrum interrupts them. After introducing himself, and innocently revealing his wealth to the party, the usher that he be quiet about his fortune, and they help him obtain a room. Ragrum scampers off to his bedroom, thankful of the parties help. The party, remembering the prank they had prepared to pull on Thaddeus, return to the exact table he had told them to meet him at, unbeknownst to him, a table they had previously moved to another location.

As the crowd dwindles down and the night gets old, Thaddeus finally enters the inn. He attempts to eat his food, though he is met with failure, and notices the party sitting at the wrong table. After snickering at their idiocy, he yells at them for not following his instructions. The party explains their prank, and Thaddeus, for the first time, seems impressed with them. He joins them at their table, and explains what he requires of them, before the night is over.

The party follows Thaddeus as he leads them to the cellar. He casts an incantation on the rod he had been working on, and turns to the party, attempting to cast the spell on each of them in turn. When no results appear to happen, Thaddeus mentions that he will return shortly, and storms out of the cellar angrily. A few moments pass, and then Rick notices something peculiar. Both Ryan and Valen appear to be shrinking! Unaffected by Thaddeus’ magic, Rick picks up his companions, no 6 inches and 4 inches, respectively. They discuss what they should do, and Rick agrees to go fetch Thaddeus, but not before playing another prank on him. He decides to hide Ryan and Valen, much to Ryan’s chagrin, in a crate of corn.

Ryan and Valen, sit down, waiting for Rick’s return. A few moments pass. Out of the corner of his eye, Valen notices a leaf on an ear of corn move and shudder. As he inspects closer, he sees a large spider crawl from behind it. Without wasting a moment, the spider leaps towards Valen and tears into his abdomen.

Rick reaches Thaddeus’s bedroom, and finds him sifting through papers on his desk. Glad that Thaddeus didn’t run off, leaving his friend’s tiny, Rick starts berating Thaddeus alarmingly, telling him that he shrunk his friends into oblivion. Perplexed and horrified, Thaddeus follows Rick as he leads him back to the cellar. Having believed he has inadvertently caused the death of two men, Thaddeus starts reasoning and bargaining with Rick, hoping that he won’t have to suffer for a simple mistake.

Back in the crate, Valen and Ryan still battle the spider. Ryan hears booming footsteps in the distance, as Rick and Thaddeus run down the cellar steps. Hoping they can hear him, he blows into his horn. Rick, hearing only a buzz, ignores the sound. Left to their own skill, Ryan and Valen manage to bring down the large spider, despite Valen’s grievous injury. After the creatures fall, they wait impatiently for Rick to save them from the crate and any more potentially fatal pests.

After causing Thaddeus to search some more, and making him think he has killed Rick’s companions, Rick finally fetches his friends from the crate, and places them on a table in the center of the cellar. He notifies Thaddeus of their appearance, and Thaddeus promptly returns them to their original size. Excited that his rod works, and that he isn’t a murdered, Thaddeus gratefully offers them a choice of many magical rewards. After a small disagreement, the party agrees on a choice, though Ryan retains an interest in the use of the magic items that they did not choose. He asks if he could potentially purchase the items. Thaddeus tells him perhaps, but probably not.

The heroes return to their room and prepare to sleep, knowing that they would have a long and tough day ahead of themselves.

Awaking the next day, the adventurers head to the inn’s lobby, where they briefly meet with Lenny Dartmouth and promptly ignore him. The party scarfs down their breakfast and meet with Salaam and Sladoc, wasting little time leaving the inn, and heading out. Salaam tries to briefly start up a conversation with Rick, Ryan, and Valen, but is met with what appears to be disinterest before rejoining Sladoc in navigating their path through the Forest.

After a few hours travels, the group arrives at large chasm within the forest. They ready themselves to climb down it, using two ropes tied together and to a tress. Ryan volunteers to go first, and actually slips no more than 10 away from the edge. He plummets fast, to what would potentially be death, but Sladoc and Salaam, acting quickly, yank as much of the rope that they could back up, shortening Ryan’s fall, and preventing any grievous injuries. The rest of the party carefully follows down the rope, reaching the bottom of the chasm.

With a path to the East, a path to the West, and a path to the North, the party splits up in an attempt to cover more ground and search for the entrance to Padan Fayne’s Hideaway. Valen believes he spots a cave not far in the distance, but before he can alert his friends, a horn is heard blowing in the distance. Ryan’s horn.

Ryan, who had taken the Eastern path alone, has no luck in finding any cave entrances, but instead spots a pair of Wild Boars. He approaches them cautiously, but the Wild boars, alerted to his presence, get territorial and attack him. Trying to fight back the creatures and defend himself, he eventually retreats and calls for his friends through his trusty troll bone horn.

Wasting no time, the 4 other adventurers rush to Ryan’s aid, arriving just in the knick of time, as an injured and bedraggled Ryan falls back, bleeding profusely from a tear in his neck, made by one of the Wild Boar’s tusks. The party defeats the beasts, and turn their attentions to an unconscious Ryan. Valen heals and revives his companion, and then informs the party of the cave entrance. The group follows Valen’s lead, and make their way into the depths of the cave, with Rick leading the way, searching out traps.

Slowly and carefully the party enters the cavern, and soon finds themselves descending manmade steps. The enter a dungeon, and moving carefully and cautiously, search out their surroundings, Rick disarming any traps he comes across. The party enters a large hall, but noticing nothing out of the ordinary, move into one of the side rooms they notice nearby. Rick cautions the others to stay behind and allow him to scout out the room, but as soon as he enters, Valen, followed by Ryan carelessly walk through the door-, setting off dozens of traps in the process, obliterating the party-. The party finds nothing but coal in the room, bag after bag of coal.

The party leaves the room, somewhat disappointed, and head to the next doorway they spotted, in the other corner of the hall. As Rick checks out the door, to make sure it is not trapped, Valen notices one of the stalactites on the ceiling move. He finds it strange that stalactites would grow from manmade hewn stone, and finds it even more strange that they would move. He notifies the party, rather alarmed, that something is up with the ceiling. As the rest of the adventurers now notice the stalactites, the creatures on the ceiling start to move in on them. One of the very slowly floats down, and latches onto Valen, in an attempt to suffocate him.

With a group of Darkmantle’s attacking and trying to latch onto them, the party once again fights for their lives. Rick and Sladoc dart into the room full of coal, in an attempt to lure the creatures in one by one, but Ryan, not fully recovered from his injuries, is brought down once again by a Darkmantle. Salaam and Valen stand over him, trying to protect him from the strange monsters. Rick, seeing no other choice, rushes to Ryan’s aid while Salaam tries to drag his unconscious body into the room that they had yet to enter. The heroes manage to just barely defeat the remainder of the Darkmantle, with the help of Sladoc and Salaam.

Exhausted and injured, they join Ryan in the room he was laid within, and Valen begins performing divine miracles to heal everyone. As Ryan awakes to Valen’s healing touch, Rick stares grimly at the only other door in the room. What other horrors could possibly lie beyond?


  • Branson: I enjoy Rick’s lack of trust in most strangers. I also like his willingness to prank others. He shows a good deal of cautious foresight and planning, especially when it comes to having to rely on others. We got a chance to see some real bravery last game, which was somewhat shocking, and nice to see. Watching him charge recklessly through danger to reach the Sladoc, and then back through the fray to try and help his other friends. Overall, good job. You surprised me. It shows that Rick does have some depth. I still worry about his motivations a bit, but he seems to be coming along.

2 reward gems

  • Sam: Contrary to my final critique of Branson, I think Valen’s motivation is starting to really be what drives him. Your quickness in trying to protect your friends instead of yourself, your willingness to jump up and help the naive Goblin, all great. Valen is very brave and kind. One problem is, we aren’t seeing too much depth or complexity with Valen. Granted, the opportunities haven’t really risen much yet, but I would like to see more emotion and opinion coming from him. I did enjoy your reactions to your weapon’s tassel though. Also, the moment where you had to explain the fairly obvious prank to Thaddeus, was hilarious, especially with Rick’s reaction to you explaining. I’d like to see more stuff like that.

2 reward gems

  • Jess: Ryan spent a good bit of the game pretty inactive. You didn’t say much, and were knocked unconscious (due to some unlucky rolls) twice in an hour, taking away some opportunity to roleplay. Not your fault, ofcourse, but partly why your score is low. Ryan should be feeling the pain right now, so keep that in mind for Friday. You are injured, and if you can roleplay that next game, you can potentially get the best score. One thing that you did, that worked to your benefit, was keeping with how you have played Ryan so far. You are consistent with him being a bit slow on the uptake, which, as negative as it is to the party at times, works if it is part of his character, which it seems to be. I like Ryan, and hope he doesn’t take much more damage. I would be very sad if he died. I want to see more of Ryan’s candor and thoughtfulness, especially in the upcoming game.

1 reward gem


Experience and Rewards

Quests Completed: 50 XP

  • Monstrous Spider (Large) x 1
  • Wild Boar x 2
  • Dark Mantle x 5

Combat XP: 740 XP

Total: 790 XP each


  • We never finished the dungeon in this game. Next session will be a continuation of this game.
  • Amanda will be joining us this coming Friday. I want her to join at the beginning of the game, so some facts about the dungeon may change slightly. We will see how best to introduce her though. I do have an idea.


okay. i’ll try to act in pain next game. i hope incorperating amanda will be smooth and easy. see you guys friday.

Session 3: Into the Depths

Good summary, Dave. You describe a lot of it differently from what I noticed and remembered, but I suppose we all see things differently. For me, my favorite part of the game was putting that cocky gnome in his place, as a group, to the point he was near gibbering. Also I strangely liked shopping, which I’m usually bored by. I hope there are more hints to what this place actually is. I’m curious as to why they trap a coal chamber.

What are you concerned of Rick’s motivations? In fact, why does everyone think he’s such an asshole ooc? He’s not yet stolen from someone who hasn’t tried to hurt him first. As far as rogues go, that’s pretty noble. Rick goes out of his way to aid even those he is suspicious of betrayal. He charged blindly (alone) into a room with his d4+1 rapier to aid the shifty lizard. I’ve heard multiple times OOC from Dave and Jess how Rick is morally questionable, and I don’t know why. I haven’t heard from Sam. What do you think, Sam?

I ranked lower than last game on the gem scale. What can I do to improve upon my ranking? I don’t disagree with your judgement. I just don’t know where I should improve. Was the voice change a bad one? Too active or inactive?

I just helped Amanda make her kender gnome. She’s mostly done. I think she has some questions regarding starting wealth and scrolls for you, Dave.

Session 3: Into the Depths

My estimation of 1300 was very close, if only I’d remembered those filthy lizards were taking a cut. Would have been 1233 approximate if we’d only shoved them off that edge when we had the chance. . . Not including what xp they were worth :D

Session 3: Into the Depths

Did I describe the game differently? I try to sum it up, so I describe what it looks like, and not always the intention. For example, you pranking the Thaddeus was what needed to be shared, not you pranking Thaddeus because you don’t like him. There is so much to write, and many parts I have to skimp on the details if they don’t shed immediate light on the plot of the game, or the character’s growth. Plus, when writing that much, it’s sometimes hard to nail every detail. If you feel that something I wrote is wrong or needs to be expanded upon, let me know a specific, and I can fix it.

It’s not that Rick appears as an asshole. I actually mentioned he showed a strong bout of bravery this game, which showed more depth and complexity, because it is something we hadn’t really gotten the opportunity to see yet. It’s because he is a Rogue, and because he is a Goblin, that we somewhat expect him to act as either of those type of characters. It’s also the fact that he is so suspicious, that it makes him appear a bit suspicious as well. Sullen people are treated with less respect than happy people. It’s kinda where a personality is part of the byproduct of how you are treated. As for OOC questioning his morals, (can’t speak for Jess) I am not 100% serious when I say Rick is immoral. I believe my only mention was to Sam, saying, “Rick may act very questionable, and you need to make sure that you supporting his actions won’t interfere with your God’s favor.” I believe that to be a legitimate concern. A typical Lawful-Good Cleric and Chaotic-Good/Neutral Rogue issue.

You did great with RP this game, and I’m not really following your score system. I don’t score out of a high pool of gems. Expect 3 to be great, 2 to be above average, 1 to be average, 0 to below average. It’s 1 gem lower because there was less RP overall, compared to last game which was mostly all roleplaying. This game had more combat and dungeoneering, which took away opportunities to RP, since everyone was busy doing something. Session 2, I feel everyone really took the lead and took advantage of opportunities to meet with other characters. So everyone received really high scores. A 2 is good though, and I was very happy with Rick and Valen’s interactions last game.

Great for Amanda! I have the starting wealth rule mentioned in the first post on the blog, and she knows how to contact me, either my cell or fb. I’ve sent her a message recently, and am awaiting a response so I can work on including her into the game on Friday.

Session 3: Into the Depths


Before we jump into Friday’s game, I would like a little bit of 1 on 1 time with Amanda, to get her started and to give her character a little bit of exposition when she meets the group. Assume that if Amanda and I start playing at 7:30, the rest of you will join in around 8:00.

This Friday will NOT be a very long game. A single week isn’t enough time for me to plan too much extra, and this week especially has been a busy one for me. I have big plans for Session 5 and beyond to make up for it though.

Session 3: Into the Depths

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