The Wayfarer's Inn

Session 1: Trailing the Horse Thieves

The beginning of an adventure.

The Players

Rriitka (Rick) is a young Goblin rogue, searching out lands South of his home, the Aviendharran Desert.

Ryan Nucleá, a Half-Orc paladin from the Southern Barrens. He searches out others who might need his help.

Valen Tanieth, a cleric of the God of the Dwarves, Moradin, finds himself journeying away from his home in the port city of Saith.


After another long day of traveling, and a quick rest at the behest of the merchants they had been protecting, it is back in the rear of a wagon that our adventurers find themselves once again. It is along Roamer’s Highway that the 3 companions now travel, heading towards The Wayfarer’s Inn, where they were chosen from their order, The People’s Blades, to search and help out an old friend.

They pass the remaining hours of the day, talking and jesting with one another, becoming comfortable in each other’s company. The wagons soon slow to a stop, and the merchants call out to the party of adventurers to help them unload and set up camp. As Rick and Valen begin unloading their own wagon, Ryan inattentively makes his way over to two gruff hired hands, Grant and Carrus currently unloading another wagon. It takes little effort for the two friends to smugly trick Ryan into doing their work for them.

As night soon comes, Rick and Valen once again find themselves in each other’s company as they agree to begin making rounds along the campsite they had set up. Ryan, on the other hand, follows his nose and rumbling stomach to the roasting mutton cooking on a campfire. With mutton in one hand, and ale in the other, he finds his companions and informs them that supper is ready. As they get their dinner, they briefly meet with Mary, the hired cook, and Stan, one of the merchants leading the caravan. After a short discussion about The Wayfarer’s Inn with Jasper, the caravan’s navigator, the party decides it is time to head to sleep, with Rick taking first watch over the campgrounds.

As Ryan and Valen find themselves drifting off into sleep, Rick climbs his way to the top of a tree, where he can watch over his fellow travelers. The forest remains silent, and after a couple hours pass by, Rick hops down from his perch and awakens Ryan rather playfully, by pinching his nose shut and chuckling when he jumps awake. Ryan, having seen Rick climb the tree for his watch, decides to do so as well. Though the branches strain under his weight, they manage to hold tight. Soon, Rick falls asleep, and Ryan, proud of his responsibility, decides to not only take his own watch, but also Valen’s watch as well. As time passes by into the early morning, Ryan finds his attention drawn elsewhere, towards a rustle in a nearby bush. He contemplates waking his friends, but decides against it. He spends a few moments, following the rustle noises, before deciding it is nothing harmless, and as he turns back to his post, he hears a strange noise of in the distance. A light clinking sound.

Ryan rushes into the middle of the camp and peers closely at his surroundings. He counts all three wagons. He notices all of their crates and barrels, where they should be. He nods contentedly in the direction of the two trees where their six horses had previously been tied to. Everything was in or – horses? Ryan turned his attention back to the trees. No horses were there. Without wasting a moment, he rushes to his companions and awakens them with the terrible news.

Ryan and Valen begin to quickly don their armor, knowing that they have little time to spare, while Rick makes his way around the camp, awakening the merchants and informing them of their trouble. As everyone in the camp gathers, there is a quick agreement, someone needs to go after those horses. Rick, Valen, and Ryan volunteer themselves, and rush to where the horses were tied. The tracks were easy to spot, the hooves of six horses disappeared into the forest. With grim determination, the adventurers followed suit, with Rick scouting ahead.

It isn’t long before the Rogue finds himself far beyond his companions, and creeping into a situation quite precarious. In a familiar language, he hears strange and quiet murmuring. As Rick sneaks through the brush, he spies four Kobolds, speaking in their a strange, yet mostly familiar dialect of Draconic. Knowing his friends are fast approaching, Rick quietly passes by the small squad of Kobolds, and climbs up a tree, waiting for them to be distracted by the arriving Paladin and Cleric.

After losing sight of their Goblin friend, Valen and Ryan continue following the path left by the 6 horses, as quietly as they can, in their loud and clinking armor. They are surprised when, awaiting along the middle of a trail is not their companion Rick, but instead a group of Kobolds. With the horse thieves suddenly apparent, Valen and Ryan charge towards the beasts, but not before an arrow pierces the skull of the closest creature. Shocked only for a moment, everyone turns towards the tree where Rick openly sits upon a branch, grinning.

The group dispatches all but one of the Kobolds, who manages to quickly escape into the forest, carrying with him a large sack. The adventurers lose sight of him and decide that the best course of action is to keep traveling along the trail, and quickly.

Soon enough, once again scouting ahead, Rick finds himself approaching some sparse ruins. The tracks of the Kobolds seem to disappear, and Rick contents himself with examining the area as his friends arrive. When Valen and Ryan catch up, all three adventurers end up spotting a mostly whole building which they decide to check out. After finding nothing, the three turn to leave, when suddenly, the Kobold who had previously escaped them comes barging hurriedly into the room. He is shocked to see them, and tries to escape, but the group strikes him down quickly, and when they do so, a sack he was carrying, falls on the ground making a strange thud. The party realizes they are standing over a trap door.

With little debate, Rick convinces his companions to let him scout out the depths of the trap door alone, and that they should follow after he deems it safe. They agree, and he stealthily makes his way into the darkness. Rock spots a room full of sleeping Kobolds. His hand tenses on his knife as he considers killing them as they sleep, but he moves on. He comes across a chamber, and inside it he hears strange stomping and muttering. He realizes that the horses were being hidden inside the room, and with them, the Kobold leader was giving orders to some of his minions. After realizing that the Kobolds would be making their way out, he races back towards to entrance, to help his friends prepare an ambush.

Without delay, the heroes hide and wait, watching the trap door. When 3 Kobolds emerge, discussing money and stupid merchants, Valen slams the trap door shut behind them. Shocked the Kobolds don’t immediate react. They are all quickly struck down by the heroes yet again. Rick tells the others what he saw and they all agree to head down into the depths to put an end to the lives of the horse thieves. Ryan has reservations about acting as such, but after seeing the necessary determination in his friends, he allows them to take the lead.

Into the depths the three go, Valen and Ryan hanging back so that their armor wouldn’t give away their position. Rick slinks back to the room where the sleeping Kobolds still lay, and swiftly, without waking a single one, he slices their throats in their sleep, insuring that none would wake again. Satisfied with completion, he then makes his way to the chambers of the Kobold leader. Noting it empty save the singular leader sitting upon a makeshift throne, Rick decides to take his chances. He starts creeping towards the leader. He is noticed almost immediately, and the leader shouts for his guards, and withdraws a sword. Rick begins hooting like an owl, to draw his friends to him as he soon became surrounded. Without wasting a moment, Valen and Ryan charged into the room. With their weapons raised, the three heroes struck down the remainder of the Kobold clan, as the leader shouted and cursed at them for killing his people. Only one small Kobold minion remained, and as he attempted to run off, both Valen and Rick gave chase, vowing to not let him escape. Before the small creature reaches the entrance of the cave, he immediately falls over, succumbing quickly to his wombs.

Ryan, remaining behind, begins checking on the vitals of the Kobolds they felled, hoping that one of them survived, but is disappointed to find out that all in the room had perished. When they others return, they discuss their next course of action. Spotting the horses among blood and carnage, in what was most likely a slaughtering room, the group decides to ransack the cavern of any useful belongings, and then make their way back to the merchant’s camp.


This was the first game, and everyone is still figuring out their characters, just like I am still figuring out the campaign. No one did spectacularly, but everyone did well beyond my expectations. Before this game, I didn’t even know what your races or classes were, so the fact that we were all able to adapt somewhat quickly is a good sign.

I will not be adding RP gem scores on here just yet. I need to figure out a decent grading system before doing so. If you guys want me to post scores on here, for the world to see, let me know in the comments.

  • Branson: In regards to roleplaying, I think you did rather well this game. You definitely portrayed a Goblin rogue as I would have expected one to act. I see a lot of potential with Rick and if he ever grows more as a character, I can see him becoming conflicted with what needs to be done, and the morality of it. You gave him a voice and a personality, and I couldn’t ask for much more than that for this game.
  • Sam: You did a great job as Valen this session. I noticed the deeper-tone that you added, to sound more “dwarf-like”, and I also noticed the manner in which you spoke, almost as if trying to seem more benevolent. Valen wasn’t given a lot of opportunity to interact with NPCs, so I didn’t get to talk with you much, personally, but I did notice the few times you and Branson had in character discussions. I like the effort, and I like the character
  • Jess: I was actually impressed with a few things you did in this game. Some of your actions really stood out as unexpectedly awesome. When you tried to dissuade Rick from killing the sleeping Kobolds because it wasn’t right, and when you decided to check on the welfare of the Kobold leader instead of chasing after the survivor with the others. There were a few moments where you lost interest, and I understand things did move slow, but overall you did a good job. I’m glad you are putting thought into your characters actions and motives.


Experience and Rewards

Quest Completed: 200 XP each

  • Kobold x 18
  • Kobold Leader x 1

Combat XP: 2100 / 3 = 700 XP each


  • I have updated the previous blog post with rules. Please be sure to read them.
  • The wiki page, and the characters page have also been updated.
  • I would like you each to work on your character pages. If there are any “secrets” about your character’s backstory, then please let me know via private message or email.
  • I would like to roll one magic item for each of you. We can figure this out next meeting, or we can do it individually. If you have a special request, speak to me about it.


Magic Items have been decided. Each of you add the following items to your inventory. I will inform you of what they do later.

BransonPigshank, a mighty blade, who got it’s name from what it does best. Shanking pigs.

SamIron Ring. A special ring which you’ve had for as long as you remember. You believe it may be related to your origins.

JessTroll Bone. This unique bone has strange carvings upon it. It once belonged to your father.


Also, if we can get a discussion here, about everyone’s next availability, that would be a good idea. I may not be free this upcoming Friday (plan on visiting the girlfriend), so… let’s talk about what works for everyone.


I can be free Saturday if possible, or Thursday but that will take some doing.


I may still be busy next week, guys. Sorry about that. Can we push for some point after the 21st?

I know it sucks taking a 2 week break in between games, but I may still be out, so I don’t want to cancel last minute and get everyone’s hopes up. Downside of living 3 hours away.


I apologize I didn’t comment earlier. I was halfway waiting for the summary to be completed, halfway preoccupied.

I like the summary. It highlighted nearly everything, and somehow didn’t make me seem like the showboating jerk I was. Don’t worry, I’ll tone it down next game.

I nearly choked on my cereal when I read. . .
bq). Before the small creature reaches the entrance of the cave, he immediately falls over, succumbing quickly to his
“Aarrg! My WOMBS!”

So my sword slays pigs, eh? Does it count as +3 versus pigs? How about wereboars? Orcs? Aristocrats?

I had a lot of fun this game. It’s good to be a player, though I’m still getting used to it. Tell me if I’m “helping” too much or anything.


Somehow I broke the quotation formatting. Crap. I suppose it was my spacing. . .


“Wombs”. I didn’t see that. I’m gonna keep that in there, because it makes the synopsis that much more interesting.

Normally I type the summaries up as if they were a short story, but I did this one differently. Not sure why. Either I wasn’t feeling creative enough, or I since I’m not a player, I have a harder time writing it from that perspective. Not sure what it is.

Sorry it took so long to finish though. It honestly slipped my mind for a couple of days.

Also, you weren’t showboating too badly. A lot of running ahead of the party, but that’s just utilizing your character. We all understand that it’s been a long while since you were an actual player, so it’s fine if you run around and have fun with it.

You gain a circumstantial bonus when carving piggies. Also, when you eat pork and cut it with your knife, the residue juices of the meat, coating your blade, cause it to be extra greasy. The grease acts as a poison to people allergic to pork or pork grease. They must roll a fortitude save versus getting immediately ill and having a severe allergic reaction.


1: Take the pork butchery business by storm.
2: Find a disenchanter. Monitor the auction house for a vacuum and post residue at 10x price.
3: Only pick fights with awakened pig villains. Ignore all others.
4: Sell on Auction House, trying to appeal to the elusive market of minmaxers trying to squeeze out every point of damage possible, no matter how circumstantial.

It is masterwork?


Hate to be a downer, but the sword is not masterwork. Everyone got a magic item with a rather minor magical ability. Sorry.


UPDATE: Provided everyone is good for it, there should be a game Friday. I did receive a phone call about work on a TV show though, so just keep in mind that sometime within the next couple of days, I may find out that I have to work.

I’m hoping to find out for sure tomorrow/today. But my previous plans are changed, so aside from the potential work, I am good for the game.

Just keep in mind, this potential job is a huge opportunity for me, so if I do have to cancel for it, please be understanding.


sorry i didn’t comment earlier. I thouroughley enjoyed this game it was great. i think we all did a substantial job at roleplaying and fighting i believe. Branson, of course led the roleplaying (also somehow the combat. good job) next time i want to work on paladinley deeds and decisions. also might expand amy backstory. great game guys. started out slow but by the end it was amazing.


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