The Wayfarer's Inn

Introduction - The Wayfarer's Inn

An introduction on what to expect.

Hey guys. It’s been a while since we last played Dungeons and Dragons. Usually my campaigns end up running short due to my busy school schedule, and the fact that I live 3 hours away. That really cuts into planning time.

Those are excuses though, and I’m here to share some hope. Now that I have graduated, I will have much more free time, until I get a job, that is. But for now, I have none, and we will cross the bridge of availability and schedules when we come to it.

Now, I have DMed before, though it is not something I have had too much practice in. You guys are good friends, and I know you will be understanding of my beginner skill level at DMing, but I promise you guys, I have a campaign prepared, unlike any we have played before.

Onto the details.


  • We are playing by the Pathfinder ruleset.
  • Favored class bonus is interchangeable per level. Either +1 HP or +1 SP.
  • Aside from racial weapon proficiencies, we are going by Weapon Group Proficiencies.
  • You may choose to either roll for HP or you may choose to go with the average of the dice roll. If you roll, you are only allowed a single dice roll. If you decide to go with the average, every odd level is the higher average, and every even level is the lower average.
  • All characters automatically have Point Blank Range and Weapon Finesse as feats.
  • This is a highly magical campaign. We are going by Epic Fantasy ability point allocation.
  • Knowledge skill cost 1/2 of a skill point, to raise a rank.
  • (new) I am implementing reward gems. They cannot be used for XP, though I may integrate a magic item system. You guys would all like that, wouldn’t you?
  • (new) Starting gold is the average for your class at level 1 times 2. You may spend over your starting gold, when preparing your character, but then you start the game in debt, twice what you spent. I must approve this before you do it. Leftover gold is pocketed by your character.
  • (new) I am working on some new ideas with professions and crafts. Avoid adding skill points into those for now.


General PC knowledge for those who read our blog, but not our wiki.

The Setting

This campaign is meant to be an easy going and light-hearted adventure. I want this to be fun and quirky. While there will be an overall story arch and quest, I will be starting you guys off before then.

The main setting for the campaign takes place at The Wayfarer’s Inn, where you all are seeking temporary employment and rest. The Wayfarer’s Inn is a place of opportunity, resting along well travelled trader’s routes. Here you will hear of rumors, be offered work by interesting and strange clientele, or be dragged unwillingly into an adventure. What you do and who you choose to help is up to you, but as long as you stay at the Wayfarer’s Inn, trouble and adventure will always find it’s way.

If you guys (players) have any questions, you know how to contact me.



It’s good to have a portal. I think we all like these. Thanks for putting it together.

I’d like to know about the houserules we are using. When I run, I don’t even know which ones I use, it’s all a blur until the issue comes up. Like the VP/WP system, critical successes and failures (including initiative), wounding and healing wounds, bonus RP XP or gems and. . . Well that’s all I can think of. Of course, you have access to all my old notes and systems (assuming I can find them or pull them up out of my head).

I’m excited. I hope the other players start responding soon.

Introduction - The Wayfarer's Inn

When we meet as a group, we can discuss which house rules we are using. That way I can get a consensus, and then I will post them on here for reference.

I still have a bit more work to do, but plenty of free time as of yesterday, so I’ve finally been able to just sit down and work on little details that I’ve neglected.

Introduction - The Wayfarer's Inn

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