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Campaign Update 1

Maps and changes to the land


Hey everybody! I have a few things to bring up.

First and foremost, I have made an online version of the map! Took me a couple of hours in photoshop, but it is finished! There will be some basic information that I will mention in accordance. I will update the wiki when I can with new pages containing some additional information.

Secondly, there are some changes on this map, that do not exist on the paper version. Mostly, I shortened the bottom half of the continent, and also shifted some of the locations of the cities. Don’t worry though, all of your home cities are still in the same general location, so there are no concerns there. The continent is now much smaller, so some of the distances travelled previously, are much shorter than they were before. I have also made sure that this map focuses ONLY on our continent and the surrounding islands and landmasses. There are other continents, but they will have their own map if they ever become relevant to the story.

Last, my next goal is to work on the crafting system. I have a good idea, but there is a lot of planning and a lot of work that needs to go into it. It may take a but of time. If any of you are interested in helping, let me know, and I can set you to certain tasks. I won’t deny that I could use help, even if it’s something simple, like compiling lists of craftable good and items, lists of materials, other things like that. Otherwise, I will do it while I have spare time.

The World


Terra is the most common name for the world, though many subcultures often refer to it by many different names. There are a total of 4 continents accounted for, though many believe that there are more which have yet to be discovered.

  • Amyr: The continent in which our story takes place on. There are 7 different prominent provinces/kingdoms.
  • Uropia: The closest of continents (to Amyr). located North-West and is ruled by Camelyn.
  • The Outer Land: Nothing is known of this continent, as it is surrounded by tall mountains and cliffs
  • Ascheal: A land far to the East of Amyr. It is though to be a very cold place, and very little is known about it.

Our game takes place in Amyr


A link to the map.


A very nice map. How’d you do it?

Campaign Update 1

If you want help with mechanical stuff, I’ve had plenty of experience. I’m not sure what you had in mind for a craft system. They can be really complex. I can help you lay a groundwork at least if you’d like. There’s a ton of ways to go with it.

The thing I’m most excited about crunch-wise is converting gems into potential magic items. I pointed out a formula that would work perfectly a while ago. It may need a flat multiplier adjustment to balance it though. No modification seems good to me, or maybe a slight one, like .8 or .7.

Campaign Update 1

Hours of work in Photoshop. I followed a tutorial on texturing land and oceans, and from there, made the map. I can send you the tutorial, it’s fairly detailed, albeit a bit time consuming. The text was pretty easy, just added a dropshadow to it and extended it out.

If you want to work out the system for magic item exchange, go ahead and jump on that. I remember what you were recommending seemed more than fair. I guess we will have to figure out the worth of a gem, though. I would say, depending on the worth of the magic item (or upgrade) in regards to your character level, 1 gem is a certain percentage.

Like, a lvl 1 character gets a cloak of resistance for 6 gems, whereas a level 10 character might get 2 for 1 gem. I dunno. If you want to compile a list of gems worth to magic item cost, by level, that would be awesome, but it’s also a lot of work. Maybe we can sit down together sometime and really hammer this out, over skype or msn or something.

Quick note: I may be slightly late, bout half an hour to the game. I need to pick Christina up from the bus station, haven’t actually gotten to see her since late December, and this is the only time she can come visit me. I know Jess has a hard time playing with strangers watching (can’t blame him), so I will try to figure something out. I still have to plan next weeks game though, I’ve been working on other projects and have fallen a bit behind. Time to play catch-up!

Campaign Update 1

Also, I may make the reward gem cost sheet that we have a bit cheaper. I give out less gems per game, mainly because of how overpowered the magic item thing might end up, but then that really makes the cost of the meta-game bonuses unfair. I’ll address it soon and make appropriate changes.

Campaign Update 1

On the gems as magic upgrades. . . It’s really not that much work, if we just go off with the formulas the books already give us. This scales perfectly alongside xp and wealth per level.
“Treasure Values Per Encounter” is the name of the table I was referencing for the gem to magic item system. Turns out you need to divide it by 4 because they multiplied it by four (something to do with average number of party members). So, I’ll just post my results here. Unadjusted, here is how much each gem would be worth as GP towards an item upgrade, by level. First number is level, second number is GP value.
1. 100
2. 200
3. 300
4. 425
5. 575
6. 750
7. 975
8. 1250
9. 1600
10. 2050
I think these numbers are pretty solid. If I were to implement into my system, I’d have to lower the numbers a tad, but my rating scale averages higher.
Now you just need to decide what we can apply it to, can we make new items, when does it take effect, and do we choose the effects.
Looking back on my really outdated gem-exchange list, I see how unbalanced it is. Certain ones (x3.5 healing) can be pretty OP, while others (+7 damage (cost 2)) are hardly worth it. I really should update it some day. That being said; I don’t know if it balances well with your gem scale (equates to higher prices on your system). We can’t lower the prices, unless you wanted to start splitting gems (why did you lower the scale, if you don’t mind my asking?). An alternative is to make each thing cost one, and make it slightly better. I’m not really up to overhauling my old list right at the moment. It’s a lot of work in balance research, if I were to do it right.

Campaign Update 1

I calculated your average gem payout: 1.8. So we’d have to save up quite a few gems to afford an upgrade at lower levels, but that is how it should be. I currently have 9 I think. That’s 1800 gp at level 2. Hey, I can afford to upgrade my masterwork studded leather to +1, and it only cost 3 games worth of gems. Not bad.

Campaign Update 1

Okay, that seems to be a good system. I think we can go with that. I’m glad it’s so easy for you, nerd!

No, actually I like it, and I like it more than just giving out experience. DM Stamp of Approval.

Campaign Update 1

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